User manual

13. Some suggestions

According to your goals and experience, creating a metaScore application can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Here are some general suggestions for creating an application successfully:

  • Sketch out / outline the application on paper first.
  • Best used with the browser Firefox.
  • For those who use Audacity to create their audio links, the library that allows for MP3 conversion seems to corrupt the files. It’s better to use the FFmpeg library, downloadable at the following address:
  • Name the components used (blocks, elements, etc.) as you go along so you can find them more easily on the timeline.
  • Pay attention to the size and format of the application in terms of display by consulting the pixel rules appearing to the upper left of the editing window:
    • Default guide size is 1024x768, allowing for optimal display on most types of screens. You can modify these values on the menu bar.
    • Should you choose to customize your application size, opt for display on a 13-inch screen to avoid having to scroll vertically, and certainly not horizontally.
  • Save your work regularly.
  • Think about making browsing clear: where do users have to click? How do they access information? How do they go from one scenario to another, if needs be? Have someone test out your application before publishing it.
  • In connection with the previous point, keep in mind that the editor’s player and timeline will not be accessible to the application’s end users. Adding a controller (the “small” player) may prove necessary as a complement or alternative to navigating with text or image links.